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How we can help you

We understand the Cost of Living crisis is having a big impact on everyone, including businesses.

We're doing what we can to help. We want to do simple, practical things that help you and the wider community.

Here are some of them.


If you’re worried about paying for your insurance, please get in touch

We know lots of our customers are worried about the impact that the Cost of Living will have on their finances.

There are lots of things we can do to help if you’re struggling to make your payments. We may be able to offer a payment holiday or spread a proportion of your payments over the remaining months of your agreement. We can also look at reducing your cover if your needs have changed or look at other measures we can take to support you.

If your financial circumstances have changed, please let us know. The sooner you talk to us, the sooner we can help.

Call us on 0333 035 9435


Manage your account online

If you bought your policy via our website, you can manage your account online. This includes renewing and making changes to your policy.


If you need any more advice

We are always here to try and help with your policy any way we can. But we understand this is a difficult time and many people and businesses alike are facing other financial worries. If you need any more help, we have compiled a list of charities and organisations who are there to offer free and impartial advice.

Citizens Advice - Free advice on debt, benefits, housing, legal matters, employment and general consumer advice.

Money Helper - Free advice on debt, divorce/separation, setting up a new home, car & disability.

National Debt Line - Free and confidential advice on debt.

Turn2Us - A national charity offering free and practical help and support when times get tough.

Stepchange - Debt experts on hand to provide free, expert advice to help you out of debt.

Ask Bill - Free advice on getting support for your priority bills and water and energy providers.

PayPlan - Offering advice to become debt free and will deal with creditors on your behalf. - Government Cost of Living support for households.

Frequently Asked Questions for Landlord Insurance customers regarding Rent Guarantee

Please check your policy documentation, Swinton sell two policies:

  1. Landlord Legal Expenses  - doesn’t include rent guarantee
  2. Landlord Legal Expenses & Rent Guarantee – includes rent guarantee

So, it will depend which (if any) of the above policies you chose to purchase in addition to your Landlord Property Insurance policy.  If you have Landlord Legal Expenses & Rent Guarantee please read on below.

The Act increases the period of notice that must be given to a tenant for possession of the property, in relation to rent arrears, from two weeks to three months, with provision to increase this further. Therefore, whilst notice of required possession can still be issued, no court proceedings to enforce possession can be commenced until the three-month notice period has elapsed.

Alongside this, we are aware of a number of county courts closing; advising that they will suspend or postpone possession hearings. We’re also aware of county court bailiffs refusing to attend properties to evict tenants, where those tenants are known to remain in occupation of the property. It will therefore take longer for possession of any property to be obtained. 

All other terms and conditions of your policy still need to be met with regards to referencing and documents to supply (see your policy terms for full details of what‘s needed).

For new claims reported after implementation of the Act i.e. from 26th March 2020, rent guarantee payments will be made:

  • after the landlord has actively engaged in mediation with the tenant, and
  • has been unable to reach an agreement to deal with any rent arrears, and
  • we have therefore issued notice for possession to the tenant.

No, the policy will only pay out if we have accepted a claim under your policy to evict your tenant.

If the tenant is in breach of the tenancy agreement i.e. non-payment of rent, then that is an insured event and must be reported within 45 days (or whatever notice period your policy stipulates).

We appreciate this is a difficult time for everybody and landlords don’t want to be evicting their tenants at this time. The government has set out its intention for landlords and tenants to mediate, to reach an amicable and mutual agreement to deal with any rent arrears. This is coupled with unprecedented levels of financial assistance being made available to both businesses and the public, intended to reduce the risk of tenants falling into rent arrears in the first place. Further, to lessen any adverse impact to landlords resulting from the Act, ‘mortgage holidays’ will be made available.

If the landlord and tenant agree a payment holiday, and this is formalised by an addendum to the Tenancy Agreement, this is not an insured event and does not need to be notified to us. We will not cover rent if the landlord / tenant have agreed a payment holiday. We will only pay rent when we are evicting the tenant. This will not prevent a claim being notified to us within 45 days if the tenant then fails to keep to the new agreement.

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If you need to make a claim on your business insurance policy call the claims helpline number listed in your policy documents.

If you don't have your documents to hand then contact the Customer Services team on:

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Existing Landlord Insurance customers

If you’re calling about your existing Landlord Insurance policy, please call the number that’s listed in your policy booklet. This will ensure that we can connect you directly with the right team for your policy type.

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If you’d like to make a change, pay a bill, renew, cancel or have any other query relating to your business policy, you just need to call customer services on:

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