Five spooky roads to drive along (or avoid) this Halloween

So it’s Halloween and you’ve got no plans. Here’s an idea that could be right up your street. Why not drive along some of the most haunted roads in the UK… if you dare? From screaming hags and frightening figures, to groups of ghostly horsemen and carriages, we’ve hunted down a selection of spooky trips for you to take.


The Kinmount Straight, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

We're starting in the South West of Scotland for our tour of top haunted roads. On the A75 in Dumfriesshire, between Annan and Dumfries, is a 15 mile stretch of road where the unexpected happens.

For over 55 years now, Scotland's spookiest road has been giving motorists the heebie-jeebies. In fact, one lorry driver was so disturbed by what he saw, he handed his notice in straightaway, as he couldn't face the road again.

If the stories are true, you could see anything from eyeless ghouls, to animals emerging from the dark

Stocksbridge Bypass, Sheffield, England

The spine-chilling Stockbridge Bypass is different to the other roads on our list. Why? It's the land it was built on that is believed to be haunted rather than the road itself.

Supernatural activity was first witnessed along the bypass back in 1989. During its construction, Security guards reported a group of ghostly children playing below a bridge. What made this story so spooky was that no footprints had been left in the mud where the children were playing.

Since then, there have been multiple reports of Victorian children at the roadside and even a monk has hitched a ride with some unsuspecting motorists!

B3212 Dartmoor, Devon, England

According to hundreds of motorists, this windswept highway in Devon is at the top of the most ghoulish list.

According to legend, a sinister spirit haunts the highway, known as The Hairy Hands. Since 1910, there have been tales of motorists experiencing a similar sensation of 'unseen hands' taking control of their wheel – sometimes even grabbing hold of them.

After numerous crashes, the eerie stories caught national attention, which has lead to numerous books and a short film.

A541, Flintshire, Wales

If you take a drive to North Wales this Halloween, watch out for two ghostly figures along the A541. It's believed that a woman who fell down a well and died while running away to elope with a local farmer, haunts this dark stretch of country road.

What's more, the story also suggests the ghost of the farmer also plagues the area. He was so scared that he would be accused of the woman's murder that he killed himself.

A229, Kent, England

In the Garden of England lies a stretch of road, which has also been dubbed most haunted in the country. It's been said that many frightened motorists have run over a woman in white, yet no trace of a body has been left behind.

And that's not the only spooky sighting. There have also been reports of a phantom hitchhiker sauntering around a pub near Maidstone!

If you're brave enough to pay these spooky roads a visit this Halloween, be sure to drive safe.

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