Lifestyle Excess Insurance

Get reimbursed for excess charges on your Home, Pet, Travel and Motor Insurance policies with insurance4excess at Swinton, starting from £45 with three levels to choose from.

Available for UK and Isle of Man residents only.

What is Lifestyle Excess Insurance?

Lifestyle Excess Insurance from insure4excess at Swinton reimburses the excess that you have to pay following a claim on your Home, Pet, Travel, and Motor Insurance policies.

An excess is the amount of money you are required to pay when you make a claim on your policy.

For example, if you had damage to your home that required £1,000 worth of repairs and you had a £250 excess on your Home Insurance policy, your insurer would pay £750 and you would pay the £250 excess charge. With Lifestyle Excess Insurance from insure4excess at Swinton, the insurer would reimburse your excess charge subject to the level of cover once your claim was successful.

Please note that Lifestyle Excess Insurance is available for UK and Isle of Man residents only.


What types of insurance excesses are covered?

Home Insurance

Home Insurance is a type of insurance that helps to protect your property and your possessions. There are different policies available for a range of circumstances ensuring that your home and belongings are covered.

With Lifestyle Excess Insurance from insure4excess at Swinton, you can get reimbursed for excess charges on claims made on your Contents and Buildings Insurance policies up to £750 per year.

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Pet Insurance

A Pet Insurance policy can help towards the cost of vet bills and give you peace of mind so that you can focus on your pet’s recovery.

Lifestyle Excess Insurance can reimburse you for excess charges on claims you need to make for things like vet bills — depending on your level of Pet Insurance cover — up to £750 a year

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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance typically covers you for things like flight cancellations and hospital bills you may need to pay when travelling abroad.

You can get reimbursed on excess charges when you claim on your Travel Insurance policy with Lifestyle Excess Insurance from insure4excess. This policy could reimburse your excess for up to £750 a year.

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Motor Insurance

Motor Excess Protection will reimburse the cost of your excess if you need to make a claim on your Car Insurance, up to your chosen level of cover. Without it, you won't be able to receive any of your excess charge back.

If you get into an accident and suffer damage to a car that you own, with excess protection, you’ll be repaid your excess up to £750 within the policy year.

Can I insure my Motor Insurance Excess only?

Yes, you can choose to cover the excess on your Motor Insurance without needing to insure your Home, Pet, and Travel Insurance policies.

Our Motor Excess Insurance starts at £35, with three levels of cover to choose from.

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All of our Excess Insurance policies are self-service which gives you the freedom to access, manage and claim whenever you need to, via the insure4excess account area. Need assistance? Get in touch with us via Live Chat.


To arrange Lifestyle Excess Insurance get a quote online

Why choose insure4excess at Swinton for your Lifestyle Excess Insurance?

  • Unlimited claims — Cover excess costs of up to £750 per policy year on an unlimited number of claims on your Car, Home, Pet, or Travel Insurance policies.
  • Choose your level of cover — Three levels of cover to choose from for UK and Isle of Man residents.
  • Cover for all named drivers — Also provides cover for all named drivers over 18 years old.
  • Worldwide cover — Cover for excesses on claims made overseas for UK and Isle of Man residents. Excludes Cuba, Iran, North Korea, the Region of Crimea, Sudan, Syria, The Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) region of Ukraine, and The Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR) region of Ukraine.
  • Self-service - Access your policy documents, make changes and claim via your insure4excess account, whenever suits you.


Available levels of cover

With insure4excess at Swinton, there are three levels of cover available to you:

TierAnnual excess reimbursement limit


What other types of excess insurance are available at Swinton?

Car Hire Excess Insurance

If you’re planning to rent a car, you will also be required to agree to a hire car excess figure. Like excess for non-hire vehicles, this is the amount you would need to pay towards repairing or replacing the rental vehicle if you have an accident. 

Car Hire Excess Insurance from insurance4carhire at Swinton means that you’ll be reimbursed the excess costs, up to your maximum level of cover, if you have to pay towards a claim. 

Whether you’re planning to drive in the UK or further afield, we have a range of cover options to suit your trip:

  • UK Car Hire Excess Insurance – Excess cover for car rentals in the UK and Isle of Man.
  • Europe Car Hire Excess Insurance – Excess cover for claims you make while driving a rental car in Europe, in countries like Germany, Spain, and France. You’ll also be covered in some non-mainland countries like Iceland.
  • Worldwide Car Hire Excess Insurance – Excess cover for rentals around the globe, with only a few exceptions.
  • Worldwide Car Hire Excess Insurance plus Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) – Excess cover for rentals around the globe, with additional CDW and SLI cover.

Hire Excess Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions about Excess Insurance

While home, travel, pet and motor insurance policies can include some form of excess insurance, it’s not guaranteed. 

Check your policy wording to find out whether your insurance policies include excess protection: if not, you could be left out of pocket should you need to make a claim.

If you have a home, travel, pet and motor insurance policy that doesn’t include Excess Insurance, you can still purchase it as a standalone policy with insurance4excess at Swinton. That way, you can cover your excess without having to switch providers.

Our Lifestyle Excess Insurance doesn’t cover the following:

  • Any claim on your Motor, Home, Travel, or Pet Insurance policies which occurred outside the period of insurance on your Lifestyle Excess Insurance policy.
  • Any claims that were not successful or were for less than the value of the excess.
  • Any claim relating to an incident that happened within the first 30 days immediately following the initial start date of your excess cover.

You should also note that even with our Lifestyle Excess Insurance, you will still need to claim on your insurance policy and will be required to pay the full excess at first. If you’re then unable to claim it back from a responsible third party, we will reimburse you up to £750 per year, depending on your cover level.

No — our Lifestyle Excess Insurance is only available to residents of the UK and the Isle of Man.

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