Van fees and charges

What will you pay us for our services?

The table shows the charges applicable at the time of issuing.

Type of transaction Service charge Notes
Arranging your new policy*£40.00Reduced to £25 if you cancel your policy before it starts or within 14 days of receipt of your documents
Arranging your policy renewal*£40.00Reduced to £25 if you cancel your policy before it starts or within 14 days of receipt of your documents
Amendments to your policy*£35.00 
As part of our ongoing monitoring process, we will check your information. If we have to make any amendments to correct your information, you'll have to pay a £14.95 administration fee*£14.95 
Refund issued to you by credit/debit card£0.00 
Refunds issued to you by cheque£20.00 
Sending Correspondence Special Delivery£6.50 
Dishonoured Cheque£19.50 
Cancellation after 14 days£50.00 
Cancellation within 14 days due to failure to validate identity or failure to disclose any claims. (This includes cancellation following failure to pay any additional premium due as a result of an undisclosed claim) £50.00 

*In addition to the new policy, mid-term amendment and renewal arrangement fees, where your insurer pays us or we set the commission level at less than 25% commission an additional fee may be levied. The monetary amount of any such fee will be fully disclosed to you prior to purchasing/amending/renewing the policy. In the event that your policy is cancelled and there is a refund of premium or there is a refund following a mid-policy change, a pro-rata refund of this fee will be made.

You will be informed of the total price to be paid, including any fees, taxes and charges separately from the premium, before your insurance arrangements are concluded. If you have entered in to a credit agreement with Close Brothers Premium Finance, we receive a percentage of the interest you pay from Close Brothers Premium Finance. You are entitled at any time to request information regarding any commission which we have received as a result of placing your insurance business or arranging your premium finance.

No refund will be offered in the event of a cancellation on any additional products you have purchased after your 14 day right to cancel period.

Please refer to policy wording for details of the cancellation and other fees and charges your insurer may also apply.