Tools cover insurance, hammering down the cost

What would you do if the tools you used to work were damaged as a result of an accident, or even worse, someone was to break into your van and steal them?

We aim to offer a low cost tools in van insurance policy that protects you from having to find the money to replace your tools should you find yourself in the unfortunate position that you are unable to work, due to the theft of your tools from your van or the tools are damaged as a result of an accident involving the van. By taking out tools in van insurance cover you will be safe in the knowledge that the cost of replacing your tools won’t need to be at your expense.

Six reasons for buying tools cover in van insurance

  • We can offer cover for tools from the value of £2,000 to £10,000
  • Premiums from as little as £89.95 a year
  • No single article tool limit
  • Cover is provided for loss or damage of equipment from your vehicle.
  • Hired tools are covered as well
  • Cover is provided by Royal & Sun Alliance

Above are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy wording (PDF - 0.2MB).

What we can't cover...

The policy is intended to provide cover for your tools and Merchandise (goods owned by you or for which you are responsible for, which are incidental to your business. For example, where a plumber is on the way to a job to fit a new boiler and the new boiler is in the van, the new boiler would be merchandise) carried as part of your trade and therefore does not provide cover for items such as cash, credit cards, watches, jewellery, audio/visual equipment and/or mobile phones, electronic organisers and/or similar equipment.

For a full list of excluded property please refer to the policy wording. Policies will also not cover for any of the following incidences

  • Any form of loss or damage that is caused by the trial, test or operation or any processes involving the use of tools
  • Theft unless it involves violent and/or forcible entry or exit to the Motor Vehicle
  • Everyday wear and tear or gradual deterioration
  • Claims where the total value of tools and goods carried exceeds £10,000
  • Claims where proof of ownership can't be provided

For further information on what can and can’t be covered please speak to one of our sales agents who will happily help you with any questions you may have.

Is tools in van cover for you?

Our main focus is ensuring that you, the customer, are entirely satisfied with your insurance policies. That is why we tailor every quote specifically to the individual. That way your policy will always be suitable for what you need, and if you need to upgrade, no problem, just give us a call. Our friendly business sales team are here to help with all your enquiries and are devoted to helping you find a suitable product for your business and van needs.

Points to remember

Before you take out an insurance policy please consider the following few points:

  • In the event of a claim you will need to provide proof of ownership
  • Claims will be subject to deductions for wear, tear and depreciation