Taxi Liability Insurance

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Whether you're escorting an elderly person to the door or on the late shift helping passengers after a night out, you'll be all too familiar with the range of situations you can find yourself in as a taxi driver.

Swinton's taxi liability insurance can ensure you're protected whenever passengers are in your care or control - even if that's outside your vehicle, when you could still be held liable for their safety.

Designed to comply with licensing authorities' requirements, you can choose between £5 million or £10 million worth of cover and cover can be extended to cover taxi premises.

  • Covers you for customers who are in your custody or being escorted by you
  • Policies designed to comply with licensing authorities' requirements
  • Liability cover levels of £5m or £10m available
  • Choose between taxi public liability or taxi employer's liability
  • Cover can be extended to include your taxi premises

Taxi Public Liability Insurance

At Swinton, we completely understand that driving a taxi can be a very stressful job at times, and we appreciate that you’ll be all too aware of the various situations you may find yourself in.

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What is Taxi Public Liability Insurance?

Taxi Liability Insurance ensures that you’re protected whenever your passengers are in your care, and safeguards you and your business against any unforeseen circumstances involving your passengers.

What does Taxi Public Liability Insurance cover?

Your taxi policy will cover you for claims made against you by your passengers for injury or damage to their property whilst they are either in, or are entering or leaving your vehicle.

We can also extend the policy to defend claims made against you by the general public where you are alleged to have damaged their property or caused them injury whilst using your vehicle for your business. For example, someone falls over a passenger’s suitcase that you have unloaded onto the pavement or you are escorting a passenger and their belongings to their destination and you cause an injury to someone in the process.

Do I need liability insurance?

In a business like yours where you’re constantly dealing with members of the public, having Taxi Public Liability Insurance can protect you if someone is injured whilst in your care. Although public liability isn’t in a legal requirement, it can provide essential cover, so you should consider this against the risks you’re exposed to when your customer are in your care.

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