Britain’s most dangerous roads for motorcyclists

Is riding a motorbike in the UK becoming safer or riskier? Find out where the most dangerous roads in your region are, according to the latest Government data*.

Back in 2017, we created an interactive map that showed where the most dangerous roads in Britain for motorbike accidents were located. Now, we’re taking a look at the latest data, to see whether the most dangerous roads have improved or not, and if there are any new offenders.

Nationwide top 10 motorbike accident hotspots 2017

Since 2016, motorbike accidents have decreased by 5%. While this is a positive step in the right direction, the vulnerability of motorcyclists on the road can’t be underestimated, with the data showing that one in three motorbike accidents are serious or fatal.

The weekend is the most perilous time for motorcyclists, with Friday being the most dangerous day of the week, and Saturday becoming more dangerous year-on-year.

Sunday is when the most serious or fatal accidents occur. The research shows that it’s mostly bigger bikes (500cc +) involved in these types of accidents, suggesting that they might be happening with motorbike enthusiasts, rather than commuters.

In terms of who’s most at risk of a motorbike accident, young men were found to be more susceptible, with 92% of crash victims being male, and 37% aged 25 and under.

And when it comes to weather, it seems that adverse road conditions don’t play a major role in the cause of motorbike accidents, given that 83% of accidents took place during fine weather.

Most dangerous road for motorcyclists per region

In 2017, the most dangerous roads in London, the South West and Scotland stayed the same as the previous year.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, due to higher speed limits and heavier traffic levels, the most dangerous road in each region is an A road.


Which region is the most dangerous for motorcyclists?

London remains the most dangerous place for motorcyclists in the UK, with the number of accidents increasing by 8% year-on-year:


More encouragingly, accident rates are down in all other regions, most notably in the West Midlands, where there’s been a 17% decrease.

The safest region for motorcyclists in the UK is the North East, where there were 183 accidents in 2017, compared to 3,639 in London.

Where're the most dangerous roads for motorcyclists in the UK?

For the second year running, the A23 in Lambeth is the most dangerous road for motorcyclists in the UK, followed by the A404 in Brent.


Worryingly, nine out of 10 of Britain’s most dangerous roads are located in London. This is a slight improvement on 2016, when all of the top 10 were found to be in the capital. 2017 data shows that the A483 in Powys, Wales, has now entered the top 10 at number seven.

But why is London home to so many dangerous roads for motorcyclists? In addition to busier, more hectic roads and a large number of commuters choosing to eschew expensive public transport in favour of their own two wheels, the number of roadworks and closures resulting in lane narrowing is said to be putting motorcyclists at further risk, according to campaign group We Ride London.


How can motorcyclists stay safe on UK roads?

With spring and summer approaching, you’re more likely to be out riding your motorbike and enjoying the warmer, drier weather.

With this in mind, we hope that highlighting the most dangerous roads in the UK will help you approach certain places with more caution. Plus, we hope that it can serve as an important reminder to all motorists to be more aware of motorcyclists and their increased presence on the road.

We want you to feel as safe as possible while out riding your motorbike: Make sure to check out our range of motorbike road safety guides, created in collaboration with the UK’s leading road safety charity, IAM RoadSmart. 

*Based on data from GOV.UK

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