Young Riders: What You Need To Know About Insurance

What is a young biker?

If you’re aged between 16 and 25, it’s likely that you’ll be classed as a young biker. There aren’t specific insurance policies for people your age, but even if you have a provisional driving license or have recently passed your test, there will be an insurance policy out there to suit you.




Do I need to pass my test to get insurance?

No, you can insure a bike and legally ride on the road as a learner with a provisional licence and CBT (Compulsory Basic Training). Whilst the CBT is an assessment to ensure you'll be safe on the road, you don't need to have passed an official driving test.

What should I know about bike insurance?

  • Be insured: If you’re riding without insurance, you’re not just putting yourself and your bike at risk, but you’re breaking the law too, which could result in a fine, points on your licence, and potentially a driving ban.
  • Do plenty of research: Look for a policy to suit your needs and think about factors such as the excess - the amount you pay towards a claim you make on your bike insurance - and mileage limitations, if there are any.

We offer a range of policies, including third party insurance, as well as cover for custom and imported bikes.




How to reduce your bike insurance costs

Even if you have a valid CBT certificate and have passed your driving test, your first insurance policy can often be quite costly. Here are some tips which could help reduce the amount you spend:

  • Take a RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) - this helps to prove that you’re taking steps to be a responsible and safe biker, which can in turn reduce your insurance quote.
  • Invest in your bike security - a good quality alarm or immobiliser can reduce the chances of your bike being stolen and can reduce your insurance premium.
  • Invest in essential gear - quality helmets and leathers can protect you while you’re riding.
  • Take additional courses - The Institute of Advanced Motoring offers a range of courses to improve your road sense which can help reduce the cost of your insurance.

Compare how much you can get bike insurance for with a quote online today.


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