Single-Trip Travel Insurance

Ready for a big holiday? Explore our online exclusive single-trip travel insurance policies and build a quote to suit you so your break is as relaxing as it should be.

What is Single-Trip Travel Insurance?

Single-Trip Travel Insurance offers coverage for one trip that lasts up to 365 nights, as opposed to our Annual Multi-Trip option which provides coverage for several excursions a year.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of single-trip and multi-trip policies?

Whether you should get Single-Trip or Annual Multi-Trip Insurance will depend on factors such as your age and how many trips you plan to take. Therefore, it’s important to consider which one best suits your needs and situation.

The advantages of a single-trip policy include:

  • Cost — Single-Trip Travel Insurance can be cheaper if you only plan one holiday in the year.
  • No age limit — With Swinton, there's no age limit on our single-trip policy.
  • Specific cover — You’ll only have to pay for the number of days you’re away and the areas you’ve visited.
  • Extend your policy — With Swinton’s Single-Trip policy, you have the option to extend your policy if you wish to lengthen your stay.

The disadvantages of a single-trip policy include:

  • Cost for multiple trips — Single-Trip Insurance may be more expensive if you plan on going on multiple holidays in the year compared to our annual policy.
  • New policy for each holiday — If you go on multiple trips, you will need a new policy each time you travel. This may be inconvenient and time-consuming.

The advantages of a multi-trip policy include:

  • Cost — If you’re planning several trips within a year our annual policy may work out cheaper than Single-Trip Insurance.
  • Convenience — You’ll only need to buy one policy a year, saving you time and effort.
  • UK trips are covered —  Certain trips within the UK are included in our multi-trip policy. To be covered for domestic holidays, you must have a minimum of two nights pre-booked accommodation.

The disadvantages of a multi-trip policy include:

  • Age limit — Multi-Trip Travel Insurance is only available for those up to 85 years old.
  • Trip frequency — If you don’t travel enough, this policy can be more expensive than Single-Trip Insurance.

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What does Single-Trip Travel Insurance cover?

  • Cancellation — Holiday cancellation insurance is available as a result of an incident, event, or illness covered by your policy. The amount you can claim will be shown on your insurance certificate. 
  • COVID cancellation & curtailment — We will cover the financial cost up to the amount shown on your insurance certificate if you have to cancel your holiday, cut it short, or need medical attention related to COVID-19 during your trip
  • Baggage, personal effects & money — If your baggage is lost, damaged, or stolen during your holiday, we will pay the amount shown on your insurance certificate. Select an option for how much baggage cover you require to suit your needs. Personal money is also covered up to £250. 
  • Delays — We can provide cover for if you experience delays whilst on your trip. This includes for missed departures, travel delay, and travel disruption.
  • Medical expenses — Cover for up to £10 million can be provided if you need unforeseen medical treatment during your trip.
  • Repatriation — If it is medically necessary for you to return home, we can cover the cost of your repatriation up to £10,000,000.
  • Delays caused by a medical incident — If you need to stay beyond your scheduled return due to an unforeseen medical incident, we can cover the cost of the required travel arrangements up to the standard of your original transport and accommodation bookings.
  • Personal liability — If you are at fault in an incident like injuring someone, or damaging property, we can provide cover for up to £2 million in legal fees. 
  • Theft — You will be covered for the amount detailed on your policy if your baggage, valuables, or important documents, for example, are stolen at no fault of your own. 
  • Cruise cover — This is included as standard with our Single-Trip Travel Insurance. However, if you specify that you will be going on a cruise when purchasing your travel insurance, your policy can be extended to include additional cruise cover. This includes enhanced limits of up to £2,500 for baggage and £500 for valuables. You can also receive cover up to £25 for a missed shore trip and up to £15 a day for cabin confinement.

Can I get single-trip cover with pre-existing medical conditions?

Our Swinton Single-Trip Travel Insurance policy can look to offer cover for pre-existing medical conditions, subject to terms which will be confirmed when you take out your policy. These include cancer, heart conditions, and neurological illnesses like dementia.

You must tell us of any pre-existing medical conditions you have, or if you have received medical advice or treatment in the past five years before taking out a policy.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition that we don’t cover, you can view a directory of specialist Travel Insurance providers on the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) website or call 0800 138 7777.

Does my Single-Trip Travel Insurance policy cover sports?

At Swinton, we provide cover for a wide range of sports, included as standard at no additional cost. We can also provide further cover for specific sports as an optional upgrade. Your policy documents will confirm which sports are included as standard.

Here are just a few of the most popular sports and activities that we can cover you for:

Water sports

Our Travel Insurance provides coverage for selected water sports like scuba diving, subject to depth restrictions, and water polo as standard.

Winter Sports

By purchasing additional cover for winter sports, you’ll be financially protected for claims related to winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. 


With Swinton Travel Insurance, cover for cycling is offered on our list of sports and activities included as standard.

Which countries are covered with Swinton Single-Trip Travel Insurance?

All countries are covered with Swinton Travel Insurance, apart from those which the Travel Advice Unit of the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) (or regulatory authority in a country to or from which you are travelling) has advised against travel.

Who is covered with Swinton Single-Trip Travel Insurance?

If you’re looking for travel insurance for over 70s or 80s, you’ll be covered with our Single-Trip option, which has no age limit for policyholders.

Why choose Swinton Insurance?

  • No age limit — Customers of any age can be covered with our single-trip policy.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions — With our single-trip policy, you can be covered for pre-existing medical conditions (subject to terms which will be confirmed when you take out your policy).
  • Extendable policies — Our single-trip policy can be extended if you wish to lengthen your trip as long as you contact us before the policy expiry date. 
  • 24/7 emergency claims line — You can contact us any time if you need to make an urgent claim.
  • Sports cover — Single-Trip Travel Insurance provides coverage for a wide range of sports including kayaking and cycling as standard. 
  • Flexible cover limits — We offer variable cover options: you can choose your coverage limit for personal belongings, cancelling or cutting your trip short, and travel disruption. The amount you have chosen will be shown on your insurance certificate. 
  • Multiple benefits included as standard — Theft, personal liability, COVID-19 cover, and more are all included as part of your policy. 
  • Extensive experience — We have decades of experience providing insurance options for our customers to choose from.
  • Customer care — Swinton Insurance were winners at the UK Customer Satisfaction Awards 2021.

Travel Insurance isn’t compulsory, but it can reassuring to know that, if anything covered by your policy goes wrong while you’re on holiday, you’re protected financially. That way you can focus on enjoying your trip.

There is no age restriction with Swinton’s Single-Trip Travel Insurance.

Whether our single-trip policy is cheaper than our multi-trip policy will depend on various factors, such as how many trips you plan to take in the year and your age.

Learn more about Swinton’s Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance to find which policy is best- suited to your needs and situation. 

The start date of your policy can be chosen by you and will be shown on your policy certificate.

Your trip will be covered for a maximum of 365 nights but this may be restricted by your age or destination. Your policy certificate will confirm the duration of your cover.

Single-Trip Travel Insurance can be extended if you wish to lengthen your trip as long as you contact us before the policy expiry date.

An excess is the agreed amount payable towards a claim on your travel insurance policy per person, per incident, and per trip. This is limited to two excess amounts if more than one person is claiming per trip.

For the additional cover to reimburse your excess charges following a claim on your Travel Insurance, take a look at our Lifestyle Excess Insurance at Swinton.

Swinton’s Travel Insurance is valid for holidays within your home area. You must have at least two nights planned, with pre-booked accommodation.

Swinton’s Travel Insurance policies only cover permanent UK residents who are registered with a UK medical practitioner. Trips outside the UK must start and end in the UK for the policy to be valid.