Buy to Let Property Insurance

Buy-to-Let Property Insurance

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Protect your livelihood and investment as a landlord. Cover your property with a comprehensive Buy-to-Let policy from Swinton Insurance.

Whether you own one property or a large portfolio, finding the right Buy-to-Let or Landlord Insurance is just as important as finding the right tenant. At Swinton Business, we'll help you find the right insurance to suit your needs.

From bungalows and urban apartments to semi-detached houses and private lets, we can arrange the cover residential landlords need. You can even expand your cover with optional extras like Landlords Legal Protection and Rent Guarantee.

What is Buy-to-Let insurance?

Buy-to-Let house insurance — also known as residential property owner’s insurance — is a type of insurance designed specifically for landlords who want to rent out properties to tenants – providing cover for your property, your tenants and you.

With a policy from Swinton, you can rest assured knowing your property is protected should the worst happen.

Who needs to have Buy-to-Let insurance?

While there’s no legal obligation to have Buy-to-Let insurance in the UK, most mortgage lenders will only approve a Buy-to-Let mortgage on the condition that you have the building insured as it protects their investment as well as yours. 

You’ll need to make sure the property is insured for its full rebuild cost, including any professional expenses. Buy-to-Let insurance allows you to do all of that.

What does Buy-to-Let insurance cover?

Like normal buildings home insurance, Buy-to-Let insurance typically covers the following:

  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Subsidence (when the land underneath your property suddenly sinks)
  • Criminal damage (break-ins, and vandalism)
  • Accidental damage

However, unlike other types of buildings insurance, Buy-to-Let insurance also covers you for the additional risks you face as a landlord. These include:

  • Cost of rehousing tenants if the property is damaged (e.g. leaks, fires)
  • Compensation costs if a tenant (or visitor) is injured as a result of an issue with your property
  • Compensation if property belonging to your tenants (or visitors) is damaged as a result of an issue with your property e.g. leak

Why you should choose Swinton for your Buy-to-Let insurance

When choosing your Buy-to-Let insurance provider, you need a broker with the expertise and experience to get you the suitable deal. 

At Swinton, we’ve been providing insurance for over 65 years, with over 15 years of experience in providing landlords insurance specifically. We have a friendly, knowledgeable team who work closely with a carefully selected panel of insurers to find you a policy that meets your budget as well as your needs.

Getting a quote with Swinton Insurance

We work hard to make sure that getting a Buy-to-Let insurance quote with us is as easy as possible. Simply give us a call and our helpful team will guide you through the process and get you a quote from our panel of insurers.  You’ll need to have details about your properties and you to hand when you call.

Here’s what we’ll ask you about when you get in touch:


Tell us about your property

Any information you can give us about your property will help us get a better understanding of your needs. We’ll need details like the year it was built, its rebuild value, and whether there are other Buy-to-Let properties you want to insure, too.


Tell us about you

We’ll ask for the usual information — your name, date of birth and address — as well as a few details about your history as a landlord, including any past claims you may have made.


Tell us about your tenants

Naturally, it’s important that you know your property is in good hands. We’ll ask about their employment status, whether they claim housing benefits, and a few things about their lifestyle (for example, if they smoke or have pets)

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How to get a cheaper Buy-to-Let insurance quote

There are a few things that you can do as a landlord now that will help get you a cheaper quote on your insurance.

1. Put security system in place

Putting security measures in place reduces the risk to your property. Insurers will likely give you a cheaper quote as a result. 

Simple measures include:

  • BS-standard locks on windows and doors
  • Smoke alarms
  • Burglar alarms
  • CCTV cameras

2. Choose your tenants wisely

Your tenants can make a big difference to the end cost of your quote. Housing tenants with a good credit score and no criminal record will help you get the cheapest policy. You should also have a legal tenancy agreement in place and carry out reference checks.

3. Insure your whole portfolio at once

Own multiple Buy-to-Let properties? You could save on your insurance and time by covering them with a single provider. We can include multiple properties on a single policy.

How to save money in the long term

1. Invest in legal protection

Provides up to £75,000 of legal expenses cover for a range of issues related to you and your rental property. You can even add Rent Guarantee to ensure you’re not out of pocket. 

Find out more about legal protection

2. Cover everything now, save later

Adding extras to your policy means you’re covered for all eventualities, not just those covered as standard. Take a good look at all optional add-ons to your Buy-to-Let policy, from contents to Landlord Legal Protection.

Frequently asked questions about Buy-to-Let insurance

While some insurers won’t cover unoccupied properties under Buy-to-Let insurance, we work with a range of insurance providers so we can find a policy to meet your needs. 

Typically, a legal tenancy agreement has to be in place for a claim related to a tenant (e.g. malicious damage or theft) to be successful. You’ll also need to perform credit and reference checks, as well as carry out regular inspections of the property and keep an inventory.

Other insurance products for landlords

One of the best reasons to choose Swinton Insurance is the range of products we have available for landlords throughout the UK. Take a look at the other products we offer below.

Commercial Property Insurance

If you own a property that’s used for business purposes, purchasing Commercial Property Insurance can help protect your investment from a range of risks. With a policy through Swinton, you can add Property Owners’ Liability Insurance, offering cover from £1 million (can be extended), Employers’ Liability Insurance if required, and more – our team will be happy to give you more information over the phone.