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As a small business it is vital to ensure that you can focus on growing your company. You don't want to have any nagging doubts about your insurance cover as you work with new customers or come into contact with members of the public – any of whom could claim against you if the unthinkable happens.

At Swinton Business we understand that, as a small business, your time is valuable. No matter your size, you may want to consider putting in place adequate business insurance to cover you against the unexpected.

Come to Swinton Business for a quote today either online or by calling our friendly team who can try and help you find the right level of cover. Just answer some questions and we will check our panel of insurers for potential policy options for your small business.

We offer a range of products to small businesses, including Public Liability Insurance which covers you against claims made by members of the public who have sustained injuries or damage because of your business. We also source Professional Indemnity Insurance which could help to protect your business should a claim be made against you as a result of professional negligence.

We can also provide insurance to cover your Business Equipment or Commercial Property.

What insurance might I need for my small business?

The types of insurance that a small business needs varies depending on the type of activities that you carry out, the people you come into contact with (such as customers or members of the public), whether or not you employ anyone else within your business, or if you have any equipment or vehicle needs to be covered.

Public Liability Insurance can help provide protection if a member of the public or a client were to become injured or suffer from property damage as a result of your business.

Small businesses can also purchase Tradesman Insurance and benefit from having Public Liability and Employers’ Liability cover in the same policy, with one renewal date. This is something to think about if you employ staff to work for your business, as having Employers’ Liability Insurance then becomes a legal requirement.

Depending on the nature of your small business, a Professional Indemnity policy may be required for any unforeseen scenarios where a client loses money due to an error you have made and then makes a claim against you.

With the prevalence of digital technology in business it may also benefit you to arrange Cyber Insurance cover for your small business to protect you in the event of ransomware, data breaches, or a phishing attack.

After starting your small business there may come a time when the business grows and requires the employment of staff; this would require you to arrange Employers' Liability cover by law. This is because if any of your staff have an accident at work, or they become ill either as a result of work they carry out for the business or your negligence, you have insurance in place for any potential compensation claims or legal costs

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How much insurance might I need for my business?

At Swinton Business we offer Public Liability Insurance cover from £1 million that can be extended as required to fit the needs of your small business and the type of activities and work that you carry out. When trying to calculate how much cover your small business will require on your policy then it is sensible to question:

  • The frequency and extended of any contact with members of the public 
  • The types of activity and work you carry out in your business and how that could affect or impact customers or members of the public
  • Could your business afford to pay any legal fees, or a compensation pay out, should a claim be made against you for injury or damage etc.?
  • Does your industry regulator or trade body require a minimum level of cover for membership?
  • Do your clients or customers require a minimum level before they will commission work with you?

How Swinton Business can help

Public Liability Insurance provides protection if a member of the public or a client were to become injured or suffer from property damage as a result of your business. Cover starts from £1 million and can be extended as required. Although it is not a legal requirement in the UK it is a likely request from customers, trade bodies or industry regulators that you have a policy in place before you carry out work with them or apply for membership. Get a quote online now.

Landlord Insurance: From shops, offices and flats to warehouses and industrial units, we can arrange the cover commercial landlords need. Cover can include optional separate policies for Landlords Legal Protection and Landlords Rent Guarantee if required.

As an addition to your cover, you may also require Business Equipment Insurance. We offer four levels of cover, reaching up to £10,000 for equipment. This includes PCs and laptops used for business that are away from your office or stored overnight in a vehicle.

When considering whether you need this cover, there are a couple of things to think about. The maximum claim per item is £1,500 and, while equipment or tools stolen from vehicles by forced entry is covered, this is only if items are not visible, and your vehicle’s security devices are working and activated. The policy is underwritten by Astrenska Insurance Limited.

It is important to ensure you select the level of cover your small business needs. This is so you don't have any nagging doubts about your cover once you start working with your customers, or when you come into contact with members of the public.

You can get a quote online for Tradesman Insurance or for any further information or queries on Small Business Insurance then contact the Swinton Business team today online or by calling: 0333 035 9524