Money saving tips for motorists

Here at Swinton, we're all about saving you money and driving down the cost of motoring. To stop the cost of keeping your car on the road from creeping up, follow these fuel-efficient driving tips. You'll be amazed at the amount of money you could save just by making some small changes to the way you drive.

1. Watch your speed

Motorway driving at 80mph, even consistently, uses up 25% more petrol than when you drive at 70mph. Driving at 60mph saves you a further 9%. Breaking and accelerating also use up fuel so a consistent speed will always save you on fuel whatever the speed.

2. Cool it on the air conditioning

Air conditioning uses up lots of fuel so only use it as a last resort. Having the window open also creates extra drag but is preferable to keeping the AC on throughout your journey.

3. Don't be idle

Only start the engine when you're ready to go rather than leaving it running while everyone gets in the car. If you're stuck in a jam you think will last longer than three minutes, turn the engine off.

4. Step it up a gear

Changing gear at the correct time puts less strain on your engine and cuts down on fuel usage. Change up in a diesel car at 2,000rpm and 2,500rpm in a petrol car for optimum results.

5. Drive around for the best deal

Keep your eye on the prices at petrol stations as you drive around. Just a few pence difference per litre can add up to a good saving when you're getting a full tank. Also, filling up early in the morning or late at night when the temperature has dropped means the fuel is denser, so you can get more in your tank than at warmer parts of the day. This is only a marginal saving, but it could make a difference to how much you spend over the year.

The savings may not all be immediately obvious but these small changes are simple to do and they will save you money in the long run and will make your car altogether more efficient.


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