Young Drivers Insurance

Get a quote with car insurance designed specifically for new drivers from Only Smart Drivers.

What kind of insurance is available to young drivers?

There are three main types of car insurance for new drivers:

  1. Third-party insurance — The minimum legal requirement to be able to drive is to have third-party insurance in place. It covers damage to other vehicles or injury you cause to someone else in an accident you’re involved in with your car.
  2. Third-party, Fire & Theft (TPFT) insurance — Covers everything that third-party does with a few added extras. With TPFT, you’ll also be covered if your car is stolen or catches fire. TPFT is included in our Classic product.
  3. Comprehensive insurance — The highest level of cover you can get. A comprehensive car insurance policy covers damage to your car and any damage you cause to other vehicles as the result of a collision. With comprehensive insurance, you can make a claim even if you’re at fault.

Black Box Insurance

One way to get a cheaper rate on your insurance premiums if you’re a young driver is to install a black box in your car. This is also known as ‘telematics’.

A black box helps you keep your insurance cost down by sending data about your car to your insurer in real-time. It records things like your speed, how hard you break, how smoothly you turn, and how often you drive late at night.

If you’re a good driver, a black box may help bring the price of your insurance down quickly. If you arrange a monthly policy, you might even see your rates going down every few weeks.


Why choose Only Smart Drivers for your Young Drivers Insurance?

What’s covered?

You’ll be covered for all of the following with Only Smart Drivers:

  • Unlimited cover for sat nav and audio that is fitted by the manufacturer
  • Cover for personal belongings
  • Personal accident cover
  • Up to 90 days cover when using your car abroad
  • Windscreen replacement and repair
  • Replacement locks cover
  • Child car seat cover
  • Overnight accommodation cover
  • Medical expenses cover
  • Uninsured driver protection

The benefits of choosing Only Smart Drivers

There are several benefits you’ll get when you choose Only Smart Drivers for your car insurance:

  • Experience — We have years of experience finding car insurance for our customers, so we understand what’s most important to you.
  • Tailor your quote — You can add optional cover features to your policy to fit your needs.
  • No Claims Discount — Build up to 9 years’ No Claims with protection available.
  • Guaranteed repairs — Get repairs included for as long as you own the car with one of our approved mechanics and specialists.
  • Courtesy car — Guaranteed courtesy car when using an approved repairer to keep you on the road after an accident
  • Replace your car if it’s written off — New car replacement for cars up to one year old
  • Get help whenever you need it — You can speak to us over the phone or on Live Chat whenever you have a question, 24 hours a day.

How to get cheaper insurance as a young driver

Install a black box

Telematics — technology that sends real-time data to your insurer about your driving — can help you get cheaper insurance, especially if you’re a young or inexperienced driver.

Drive less frequently

If you do get a black box, limiting the amount of times you drive each week could reduce your premiums in the long run. That’s because you bring down the likelihood of being involved in a collision by reducing your time out on the road.

Consider which car you want to buy

Cars with smaller engines are typically cheaper to insure, and providers may quote cheaper prices as a result.

Take an advanced driving course

Enrolling in advanced driving courses after you’ve passed your test will improve your driving skills and road safety. An advanced driving certificate offers reassurance to insurers, who may offer you a cheaper rate as a result.


Frequently asked questions

Why is car insurance more expensive for young drivers?

It’s commonly understood that young drivers — that is, those aged between 17 and 24 — pay much higher premiums than those that have been driving for a few years.

This is because young drivers are inexperienced on the road, leading to an increased risk that they’ll be involved in a collision. Insurers are statistically more likely to have to pay out for claims made by young drivers, so they mitigate this risk by charging more for young drivers.

If I get telematics insurance, who installs my black box?

If you opt for a black box, it can be installed in one of two ways:

  1. Your insurers will send an engineer to install the black box for you
  2. You’ll be sent a black box in the post with a self-installation kit.

For more information on how to install your own black box, read our in-depth guide.

How to install a black box

Can Young Drivers Insurance cover learner drivers?

Our Young Drivers Insurance does cover you if you’re a learner driver. However, it may be more affordable to take out short-term cover while you’re learning and then take out an annual policy once you’ve passed. Take a look at our Temporary Car Insurance for more insurance.

What are the cheapest cars to insure for young drivers?

The cheapest cars for new drivers are typically:

  • Inexpensive
  • Not brand-new
  • Have small engines
  • Fit in a low insurance group

To learn more about how to find the best first car if you’re a new driver, see our in-depth guide.

How to choose your first car

When does insurance become cheaper for younger drivers?

One of the key factors that determines the cost of your premiums is your level of experience behind the wheel. Telematics also measures the safety of your driving to give you a better price. If you drive regularly and carefully, there is potential for your insurance to become cheaper after just one year driving — and every year after that.

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