Easter egg hunt ideas by the basketful

Easter egg hunts are an enjoyable way to spend time with the whole family. We’ve handpicked a range of ideas for you to try – all are fun to take part in and easy to set up.


1. Easter Bunny tracks

Give a traditional Easter egg hunt a twist by leaving a bunny trail. When you've finished hiding the eggs around your home or garden, simply create paw prints that lead to to each egg. This will add extra excitement for the children to hunt, plus they're easy to create and won't cost a fortune.

2. Learning games

An Easter egg hunt can give younger children an opportunity to explore and learn. For a spelling game, hide letters in the Easter eggs dotted around your home that will spell out a simple hidden message when put together. Or to make a mix and match puzzle game, all you need to do is hide colourful Easter eggs around your home and hand the children identifier cards with the same patterns. They can spend the hunt matching the different combinations.

3. Easter scavenger hunt

Treasure hunts are a bit more involving for older children. They'll enjoy working out the clues and ticking off their checklist. You can use Easter themed objects as part of the hunt, including yellow chicks or the Easter Bunny's lost carrots.

4. Glow-in-the-dark hunt

If you're hosting an all-day Easter get-together, why not set up a night-time Easter egg hunt? It's just like a traditional hunt, but with the added mystery of playing at night. Simply get some small glow sticks and curl them up inside the plastic fillable eggs.

5. The golden egg

If time is against you, here’s a bonus idea: hide a one-of-a-kind golden egg in a place that will be a challenge to find. Be sure to stash an extra-special prize, too, as an incentive for all the family.

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