Excess Protection

We're sorry - from 1st April 2024, we're temporarily unable to offer Excess Protection as an optional extra on new van insurance policies, but it will be back soon.

Should you need to make a claim and pay the excess to get your vehicle repaired you’ll be safe in the knowledge that such costs can be reimbursed.

There are three types of policy available, the price of which depends on your own personal excess.

 Your Excess (up to)Your Annual Claim LimitCost Per Year
Type One£300£600£40.95
Type Two£600£1,200£61.95
Type Three£750£1,500£79.95

Therefore if your excess was £500, you would need Type Two, however you can claim as many times as you like up to the limit of £1200 per year, and all for the low cost of £61.95 a year.  It’s clear to see from this the benefits of Excess Protector Insurance.

What are the impacts without this insurance?

As stated above, the impact of not having excess protector insurance is mainly going to be felt by your wallet.  Coming up with a one off payment of up to £750 can be difficult at the best of times. The garage repairing the van would not be able to return it to its owner until the excess is paid, so whilst you are waiting for the funds to become available, you will be losing valuable income, loyal customers, and any potential future customers. 

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Subject to the terms and conditions of the policy wording (PDF - 0.3MB) and key facts (PDF - 0.1MB).