Introduction To Bike Insurance

Why do I need motorbike insurance?

Bike insurance offers protection against loss or damage, and it’s a legal requirement in Britain to have a policy that is in date.

For any motorbike owner, from those who navigate city traffic on the daily commute, to easy-riders who occasionally hit the open road for fun, getting the right deal is key.

We offer a range of motorbike insurance cover to suit you, no matter how far or how often you ride.

What are the different types of motorbike insurance?

Here are just a few of the policies we offer:

  • Bike insurance: There's barely a bike we haven't seen or a type of biker we haven't covered.
  • Scooter insurance: There’s cover for most scooters including retro, classic and import.
  • Moped insurance: Ideal for when you’re looking to insure your twist & go or sports moped.
  • Multi-bike:Multi-bike insurance could help you reduce the cost of running more than one bike.
  • New riders: It doesn’t matter if you've been riding for a few months or are still waiting to hit the road.
  • Custom bikes:We understand that customisation is your chance to stamp your personality on your bike.
  • Imported motorbikes:Because sometimes your ideal bike comes from abroad.

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