What is digital download insurance?

Technology has changed the way we buy music, books or films… we’re making fewer trips to the High Street, and instead making more clicks on our smartphones.

Today, it’s not just physical copies and devices that can be insured, you can also cover your digital downloads.

Digital download cover will help you protect your downloads if you lose them because your device is damaged or stolen - and you are unable to re-download your music or films. But if you accidently hit delete, you won’t be able to claim. And you’ll only be able to insure downloads from a legitimate source, such as iTunes, Google Play, 7Digital, Napster or Amazon for example. It can be difficult to verify a digital download, so make sure you keep a proof of purchase.

Why should I get digital download protection?

If you have spent a lot of money on downloads or your purchases are starting to add up, it could be worth ensuring you’re covered, or making sure you choose a home insurance policy that includes digital downloads. Otherwise, if you don’t have them saved or backed-up and they are lost, you may have to spend more time and money re-downloading all your favourite music, books or films.

Where can I find cover?

Digital download cover may be included as part of your home insurance policy. At Swinton, our Classic and Premier home insurance covers you up to the value of £2,500 of lost or damaged digital download information. Find out more information at

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