Public Liability

From as low as £40

10% of new customers paid £40 or less for annual Public Liability Insurance. Based on policies sold between 1st October 2019 and 31st March 2020.

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60 years

Ensure your business is covered should the unthinkable happen – examples of claims include:

  • A member of the public tripping on your wire and breaking their leg while you’re fixing a radiator
  • A cleaner spilling fluid on an office computer and breaking it
  • A hairdresser leaving a puddle of water on the floor, and a customer slipping and hurting their back


Our phone lines are closed but you can get a quote online:

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What is Public Liability Insurance and what does it cover? 

Public Liability Insurance provides protection if a customer or member of the public were to become injured, or suffer property damage, as a result of your business.

Having Public Liability Insurance can help pay for legal expenses or compensation, should a member of the public or client make a claim against you.

A typical Public Liability Insurance policy will cover your business for third party injury or death, compensation claim payments, and potential repair or replacement costs for possessions or property that are damaged by your business's actions or activity.

How much does Public Liability cover cost?

The cost of Public Liability Insurance can vary. With Swinton, you could pay as little as £40 for Public Liability cover. 

Based on policies sold between 1st October 2019 and 31st March 2020, 10% of new customers paid £40 or less for their annual Public Liability Insurance.

Public Liability for the self-employed 

If you’re self-employed, having a Public Liability Insurance policy ensures that you and your customers are protected, should anything go wrong.

As a sole-trader, you’ll be covered for any legal costs and compensation claims that arise, due to personal injury or property damage that’s been caused by your business.

A claim that’s made against you could be minor, for example the cost of replacing electrical equipment damaged by a spilt drink. Or, it could be something more serious, such as a member of the public suffering a broken bone due to slipping on your business premises.

Having Public Liability cover as a self-employed person gives you peace of mind, and makes sure your business won’t suffer from you being out of pocket. 

Do I need Public Liability Insurance? Is it a legal requirement? 

While it’s wise for businesses to have this cover should the unexpected happen, having a Public Liability policy isn’t compulsory under UK law. However, a customer or client could ask that you have cover in place before they work with you. Plus, it may be an obligation of your industry regulator, or trade bodies you want to join.

Other areas to consider might be:

  • Frequency and extent of any contact with members of the public.
  • The types of activity and work you carry out in your business, and how that could affect or impact customers or members of the public.
  • Could your business afford to pay any legal fees or a compensation pay out, should a claim be made against you for injury or damage etc.?
  • Does your industry regulator or trade body require a minimum level of cover for membership?
  • Do your clients or customers require a minimum level before they will commission work with you?

Additional cover is available:

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