Eight driving myths busted

We’re busting eight common driving myths to help you feel more confident behind the wheel

We’re clearing up any confusion you might have around commonly-believed car myths.

1. Speed cameras have a 10% tolerance

This is false! The speed limit is what it is, and it should always be adhered to. If you go over it, it goes without saying that the camera will take your picture.

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2. You’re uninsured if you drive following a red weather warning

Nope, this is a myth. You’ll still be insured if you drive following a red weather warning, however we’d advise that you stay at home and not take any non-essential journeys in extreme weather.

3. If you have a non-fault claim, it won’t affect your premium

Unfortunately, your insurer might still amend your premium when you come to renew, even if you make a non-fault claim. This is based on the level of risk at the time of sale.

4. It’s illegal to circle a roundabout more than three times

While this, of course, is a myth, it could still be construed as careless driving if you circle a roundabout a few times. Avoid any mishaps by familiarising yourself with your route before you set off.

5. Swinton doesn’t offer company car discounts

This isn’t the case: If your overall criteria fits the requirements, you’ll receive a company car discount.

6. There isn’t any difference between a No Claims Bonus and a No Claims Discount

Wrong! A No Claims Bonus is the number of claim-free years you’ve got on your car insurance policy, while a No Claims Discount is the reduction you’ll get on your premium, based on your No Claims Bonus.

7. Having a protected No Claims Bonus will stop your premium increasing at renewal

While you won’t lose your No Claims Bonus, your insurer might still increase your premium following an accident, as you may be perceived as being a higher risk.

8. You can be arrested if you drive with snow on your roof

This isn’t true, but you should ensure your view is unobstructed by clearing any snow and ice from your roof, as well as your lights, windows and mirrors. Read more tips on driving in wintry conditions.

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