Frequently asked questions about Close Brothers

Close Brothers Premium Finance help make insurance more affordable for over 2.4 million businesses and customers in the UK by offering and managing finance through the Direct Debit scheme for lots of businesses, including Swinton. Close Brothers have over 40 years' experience in the industry, and that’s why we trust them to manage your Direct Debit on our behalf.


Any Direct Debit payments will show as Close-Swinton on your bank statement.

If you have selected to pay for your Swinton insurance policy by Direct Debit, whether you‘re buying a new policy or renewing an existing one, Close Brothers will first complete an affordability check by searching credit reference agencies. This check will appear on your credit file. Close Brothers will then email or post you a welcome pack which will include a new credit agreement to sign and a schedule of your payments.

You may have previously paid for your insurance by Swinton Direct Debit, but as we are now using Close Brothers to collect Direct Debit payments on our behalf you need to sign a new credit agreement with Close and any existing credit agreement you may have had with Swinton will come to an end once all policies on Swinton Direct Debit have reached renewal date or been cancelled.

You can do this by simply clicking the link on the email Close Brothers will send you, by signing your Credit Agreement online at the Close Brothers portal or you can return a signed copy to them in the post. 

The Close Brothers online portal will hold details of the payment schedule for your insurance policy. You can also view and electronically sign your credit agreement here.

You can access the Close Brothers online portal here:

If you’re registering for the first time, you’ll need the following details to hand:

  • Surname
  • Date of birth
  • Agreement Reference (you’ll find this on emails connected to your Credit Agreement)
  • Registration Key (you’ll find this in your registration email)
  • Your email address
  • Please note you will be asked to confirm your bank details as part of the ID validation process when you are registering on the Close Brothers portal. If you don’t want to use your bank details, you can choose to register using a one-time security code sent to your mobile phone.

The Close Brothers portal only includes details of your Direct Debit payments for your insurance policy. If you want to view any of your insurance documents or make changes to your policy please visit My Account.

If you’re buying a new insurance policy through Swinton, we’ll ask you to pay an initial deposit at the point you purchase.

The first payment will then be taken on or around one month after your policy start date. The remaining 10 payments will then be taken on or around the same date each month as the first payment. A full payment schedule detailing the exact dates will be included in your Welcome Pack from Close Brothers which will be emailed to you or sent in the post.

If you’re having trouble covering your payments or wish to change the regular monthly payment date please call us on 0333 035 9010.

If you miss a payment, or if your Direct Debit is unsuccessful, Close Brothers will notify you in writing by post and by text if you have provided a valid mobile telephone number.

If the missed payment is due to insufficient funds, Close Brothers will re-attempt to collect the payment from your bank, usually within 10 working days, along with their standard £25 default fee. Details of this second collection request will be contained in their notification to you. If this payment is successful you won't need to take any further action.

Should the second collection attempt be unsuccessful, you’ll be required to make a card payment within a time frame that Close Brothers will provide.

If the payment is missed for any reason other than insufficient funds, Close Brothers will notify you by post, and text if you have provided a valid mobile number. You’ll need to make a card payment for the missed collection and the £25 default fee within the time frame provided by Close Brothers.

You can make this payment by calling their 24 hour payment line on 0333 321 8566 or by calling Swinton on 0333 035 9010. Please ensure you have your account reference number to hand. This reference can be found on any correspondence Close Brothers have sent to you.

Please note, if this next payment is not received by the specified due date it will affect your Close Brothers Premium Finance agreement and your insurance policy with us.

Remember, if you’re having any difficulty in covering your regular Direct Debit payments then please call us on 0333 035 9010 so we can try to help.