Accidental Damage Cover

Accidental Damage is cover you can buy on top of your standard home insurance, which can enable you to claim for accidental damage to your house or belongings.

You can choose to add Accidental Damage to your Contents Insurance policy, which offers protection against mishaps at home, including damage to your tablets, laptops and mobile phones.  

There are two types to choose from:

Buildings accidental damage

Most policies cover against the cost of accidents that damage your home or stop it from functioning properly, such as:

  • Drilling through a water pipe in the wall.
  • Putting your foot through a ceiling.
  • Putting a spade through a drain or pipe.
Broken window

Contents accidental damage

This covers against the cost of most accidents that damage your belongings, such as sofas and carpets. Some examples of the kind of accident you might be covered for are:

  • Spills across your carpet. 
  • Dropping your tablet or laptop.
  • A smashed ornament or vase.

Note that accidents are only covered if they happen inside your home unless you have additional personal possessions cover, in which case items like your mobile phone and bicycle could be covered outside of the home.

Coffee spill

Does accidental damage cover include accidents caused by children?

Children can sometimes be mischievous in the home, from drawing on walls to pulling up the carpet. With contents accidental damage protection, parents are likely to be covered for the repair fees.

What isn't usually covered in accidental damage cover?

  • General wear and tear
  • Deliberate acts of damage
  • Electrical equipment that stops working for no reason
  • Damage caused by pets
  • Accidental damage to things taken outside of the home

What if I make a mistake doing DIY?

With buildings accidental damage cover, it’s likely that you’ll be able to make a claim if you make a DIY mistake, such as drilling through a water pipe or electric wire.


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