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Riders' Legal Protection

At Swinton, we understand how inconvenient it is if your motorbike is out of action. Having Riders' Legal Protection, underwritten by Covea Insurance plc, will offer you the reassurance you need if you're unfortunate to be involved in a motorbike accident that's not your fault.

What will Riders’ Legal Protection protect you against?

As well as policy excesses, any legal costs incurred, and replacement vehicle charges, you'll be covered for:

  • Travel costs, e.g. for commuting to work, while your bike is off the road
  • Loss of earnings as a result of injury from a non-fault accident
  • The cost of replacing damaged possessions as a result of a non-fault accident, e.g. phone, keys, shopping carried at the time etc.

Things you should know about Riders’ Legal Protection

  • Covers your legal costs and expenses, up to a maximum of £100,000 after an accident that wasn't your fault. This is anything related to losses you aren't covered for within the main policy
  • There must be a reasonable chance that legal proceedings will be successful
  • Legal proceedings must not be commenced without the Insurer's permission
  • Underwritten by Covea Insurance plc

Helmet and Leathers Cover

Helmet, leathers, boots and gloves are all part of your essential kit as a motorbike rider, and we can certainly appreciate how expensive this kit can be.

At Swinton, we're here to help you get back in the saddle. Our Helmet and Leathers Cover, underwritten by Great Lakes Insurance SE, will provide you with the following:

  • Up to £1,500 cover per year for the replacement or repair of your leathers, boots, gloves and helmet following an accident

Things you should know about Helmet and Leathers Cover

  • This policy does not cover wear and tear, theft, or any damage to passenger clothing or equipment
  • Helmet and Leathers Cover can only be purchased with your Motorbike Insurance policy
  • Underwritten by Great Lakes Insurance SE

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Excess Protection

If your motorbike is involved in an accident, Excess Protection, underwritten by AmTrust Europe Ltd, will refund the cost of your excess once a claim has been settled.

Things you should know about Excess Protection

  • You can make a maximum of two claims of up to £500 within your insurance period
  • Your excess must be lower than the total cost of any insured incident
  • Once your insurance claim has been settled, you must report your claim to recover your excess within 14 days
  • Underwritten by AmTrust Europe Ltd

Why choose Swinton for your Motorbike Insurance?

  • We'll compare quotes from a panel of specially selected UK motorbike insurers
  • All our bike policies come with at least 30 days European cover as standard
  • Cover up to four motorbikes on one multi-bike policy

Motorcycle Breakdown Cover

Looking for Breakdown Cover? We understand that the last thing you want to be thinking about while you're out on the open road is breaking down – find out more about our Motorcycle Breakdown Cover options.


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