Team WD-40 Sponsorship

Here at Swinton, we’re proud to be sponsoring Team WD-40.

Let’s meet the team…

Claudio Corti - Team WD-40 Superbike

Nickname Shorts

Race number 71

Date of birth 25.06.1987

Nationality Italian

Hometown Lake Como

What year did you start racing? 1994 Minibike regional races 

Hobbies Cycling, ice hockey, motocross, guns and shooting 

Favourite food Pizzoccheri (typical kind of pasta from my hometown)

Favourite car Got more than one but ones with big engines

Favourite bike Kawasaki ZX10rr

Favourite circuit Phillip Island

Pet’s name My little kitten is called California 

Most dangerous thing you’ve done? Go as a passenger with a friend of mine on a Ducati around Lake Como 


Most stupid thing you’ve done? Hard to pick up one from the hundreds I’ve made!

How did you get into riding bikes? My dad was a trial rider, so my brother and I grew up with motorcycles around

What do you like about riding for Team WD-40? The hunger for victory they have and they are a little crazy, like me

What ambitions do you have for the 2019 season? Finish into the Showdown at the first attempt and, of course, become the fastest Italian to ever take part in this Championship


British Superbikes 2019

Find out what Claudio had to say about his latest race at Snetterton.

Eemeli Lahti - Stauff Quick Connect Superstock 1000

Nickname Eme

Race number 22

Date of birth 17.09.1996

Nationality Finnish

Hometown Lahti

What year did you start racing? In 2000 I started racing motocross and made a change to Road Race in 2007

Hobbies Cross-country skiing, bouldering, motocross

Favourite food Chicken wings

Favourite car Aston Martins are the most beautiful, but I’d probably go for a Ferrari

Favourite bike Kawasaki ZX-10RR

Favourite circuit Thruxton

Pet’s name I call my brother a monkey

Most dangerous thing you’ve done? Told my ex-girlfriend I have a new one


Most stupid thing you’ve done? Took the new girlfriend

How did you get into riding bikes? All of my family members have had bikes since I can remember, so I guess it was a natural thing to do!

What do you like about riding for Stauff Quick Connect Academy? Everything, absolutely everything! All the way from the bike itself to Brent’s WhatsApp videos! The idea of having the best bike on the grid, and having a professional team with great team mates!

What ambitions do you have for the 2019 season? Huge progress through the season and fight for the top places!

Storm Stacey - Stauff Quick Connect Academy Superstock 600

Nickname The Predator 

Race number 79

Date of birth 22.04.2003 

Nationality British

Hometown Ecclesall

What year did you start racing? 2009 on dirt bikes, 2010 on circuits

Hobbies Skiing, shooting and mountain biking 

Favourite food Roast lamb

Favourite car Rolls Royce Phantom and Audi RS3

Favourite bike Kawasaki ZX-6R

Favourite circuit Jerez

Pet’s name Betty, Clint, Bob, Timmy (dogs), Smudge (cat) 

Most dangerous thing you’ve done? High-sided down Paddock Hill, Brands Hatch 

Most stupid thing you’ve done? Stunts on bikes in our field, when younger 


How did you get into riding bikes? I grew up surrounded by bikes

What do you like about riding for Stauff Quick Connect Academy? The opportunity to be involved in a professional, successful environment

What ambitions do you have for the 2019 season? Find my feet on the 600 and aim to finish in 1st place

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