Cost of driving in the USA

The good news is that the cost of driving in the USA is generally far lower than the UK, as car hire is cheap and petrol is around a third of the price you’d expect to pay at home.

However, there are some potential costs to be aware of, such as toll roads, which are a far more common sight in the US, particularly around cities.

Here’s what you need to know about the cost of driving in the USA...





Petrol - or gas as it is commonly known in the US - is also far cheaper than it is at home.

The average price of a litre of petrol in the UK in January 2016 was 101.7p, while in America it was just 34p.

Bear in mind that it’s common practice to pay for your fuel before you fill up at most petrol stations. It’s also worth knowing that some gas stations offer a small discount to customers who pay in cash.




Toll roads

There are toll roads in most US states, and these are most often found when entering cities.

They usually charge a standard fee, for example, taking a car on any of the main bridges and tunnels to enter New York will cost you $15.

Before setting off on a road trip, it’s worth checking if there are any tolls on your route and how much they cost, so that you have the money to pay for them. Here’s a Map of US toll roads and how much they cost.


car-hire-1160x400 (1)


Car hire

The USA is among the cheapest holiday destinations to rent a car, with prices typically less than half than those in the UK.

You can get an even better deal by booking in advance, and there are a number of online car hire price comparison sites to help you, such as and such as VroomVroomVroom and Expedia.


Did you know?

Many US petrol stations allow you to pay at the pump using a credit or debit card, just like in the UK.

But, in the US, it’s common for pumps to ask for your postcode too, known as a zip code.

If you prefer paying this way, you can usually 'convert' your UK postcode into a US zip code by removing any letters and adding zeros to the end until you have a five digit code. For example, M1 5SW would become 15000.

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