Wales - A483

Road: A483 - Where: Powys, Wales

Why do it?

There are several breathtaking sections of the A483 but the whole route passes through a stunning, varied and usually verdant scenery – zipping along valley bottoms, crossing the Wye valley and sweeping along the Severn valley.

Where does it go?

The A483 runs 107 miles from Chester to Llandovery at the extreme north tip of the Brecon Beacons National Park. The best known of these roads include the Llandrindod Wells to Newton route as well as the Llandovery to Beulah (including the Llyn Brianne reservoir pass-by) and then on to Builth Wells ride.

What to watch out for?

When you’re out of more populated northern Wales and start heading south of Newtown then the A483 starts to get much more twisty and hair pin bends to both enjoy and watch out for. Particularly hairy ones include the one a mile or so south of Dolfor, and just after both Llanbister, Crossgates and Sunnyhaven holiday park.

There’s also a sudden twist as the A483 swings by the River Wye before crossing it into Builth Wells, and further on just before it crosses Nant Cerdin. Additionally, there’s an unusually wild kink in the road just before Cynghordy, as you approach Llandovery.

Top tip: When biking on a hairpin road, it’s important that you slow down on approach, and keep in contact with your brakes.


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The Swinton View on Riding the A483 in Powys

Although motorcyclists make up just one per cent of road traffic, they account for nearly one in every five road-user deaths. Because you’re more vulnerable on the road riding a motorbike, it’s hugely important you take every precaution to stay safe.

Wear the right safety gear, know your route, plan for the weather, and give yourself plenty of time to finish your ride without rushing. It’s also vital that you’re fully insured and that your motorbike insurance policy covers everything you need it to. Enjoy the ride!

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