How to be a good neighbour

Being on good terms with your neighbours can really make you feel good about where you live.

Say hello

A smile and a wave takes no effort at all, but goes a long way to establishing a good relationship with your neighbours. Start with your next door neighbours, invite them round for a cup of tea now and again. You'll probably be seeing a lot of them out and about anyhow. And when new people move in, popping over for a quick hello will make them feel welcomed.

Park your car with care

According to our survey, it's one of the things that winds neighbours up the most: parking your car in a bad way. It might sound obvious but make sure you leave plenty of room for other people to pull out of a spot, don't obstruct people's driveways, and if you park on the road, park in front of your home not your neighbour's.

Keep the noise down

If you have a particularly loud sound system or home entertainment unit, consider where you put it. Try to avoid setting it up next to a shared wall, especially if your neighbours have young children. Quiet evenings are likely to be important, when they are putting the kids to bed, and they probably won't appreciate the sounds of the latest blockbuster blaring through the walls. If you're planning on holding a party, give them plenty of notice or better yet, an invitation!

Don't make a mess with your rubbish

People like to live in a clean and tidy environment. So when it comes to putting the bins out, make sure you only do it on the allocated day. Leaving your dustbin or recycling bin outside not only looks untidy, it can attract pests including rats and foxes - definitely not the kind of neighbours you want to invite round!

Look out for the older generation

Elderly neighbours often live alone, so it's nice to check in on them now and again, especially during the winter when it's particularly cold. Likewise, if you're heading to the supermarket to do your weekly shop, why not stop in and ask if they need any essentials like bread and milk picking up. A good turn now and again will really go a long way.

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