Don't lose sleep over home security

More than 12 million people across the country are losing sleep worrying about home security, according to our latest research.

On average, we’re losing 26 nights' sleep every year simply fretting about unlocked doors and windows. In fact, one in four of us are worrying so much that we’re getting out of bed at least once a week to double-check, or even triple-check, that all is well.

Why? Well, it’s not just paranoia that we’ve not secured our homes, but also because one in three of us admit we don’t trust our families to lock up before going to bed.

Yet despite the worry, more than a third of us don’t see a contents insurance policy - which can cover the cost of your possessions should you find yourself a victim of theft - as an important purchase.

Contents insurance policies usually cover the kind of things that you would take with you if you were to move house such as furniture, clothes and electricals. These types of belongings aren’t covered under buildings insurance policies, which are there to insure the bricks and mortar of your home. So if you’re concerned about the security of your possessions, and worried about what would happen if you were to lose them due to theft, a contents insurance policy could be worth exploring.

And what’s more, if you take a few simple steps to improve security, not only can you help protect your home and everything in it, you could also potentially reduce the cost of your contents insurance policy and probably have a better night’s sleep!

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Here are just a few steps you can take:

  • Install a burglar alarm that is approved by your insurer – and use it! It’s worth checking the NSI and SSAIB websites before making a decision on which alarm to install.
  • Make sure doors have the right locks on them - mortice locks add extra protection, and it’s wise to check that they conform to British Standards (BS3621). It’s usually best to speak to a qualified locksmith for advice.
  • Windows should have approved locks on them with keys. Remember that if you have these in place, most home insurers insist that you have them in operation to ensure any claim on your contents insurance is valid.
  • Be careful with your keys and other valuables. It might sound obvious but don’t leave them in sight, and definitely don’t leave a key under a mat or plant pot outside!
  • Be clever with lighting. Outdoor security lights can help to deter burglars.
  • Join your Neighbourhood Watch scheme - it’s an initiative designed to bring communities together to help improve the security of their local areas. 

Based on an online survey of 2,000 nationally representative UK adults aged 18+. Survey completed by One Poll during February 2015.

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