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As a taxi driver, your vehicle is the key to your ability to do your job and earn a living. Getting the right cover is essential, so let Swinton do the hard work. We'll compare cover from a range of specialist policies designed to meet the needs of most types of taxi and driver. Our dedicated taxi team is on hand to help you find the one that suits your needs best.

Call us now for a Taxi Insurance quote 0333 035 9531

What does Taxi Driver Insurance include?

At Swinton, we understand that your cab is your livelihood: If your taxi is out of action, you’re losing out on income.

That’s why it’s so important to get the right insurance quote to cover your needs. Our knowledgeable UK-based team of Taxi Insurance brokers is here to help and support you:

  • Our comprehensive policy will cover you for the loss of, or damage to, your taxi
  • Windscreen replacement cover is included as standard in our comprehensive cover

Plus, ask us about the following cover options:

  • Public Liability cover
  • Cover for your audio equipment up to £150
  • Up to £1,000 to cover replacement locks if your keys are lost or stolen
  • Cover for special occasion vehicles (e.g. wedding and funeral vehicles)
  • Cover for minibuses up to 17 seats (including the driver) – vehicles larger than this are considered to be coaches
  • Cover for your taxi communication equipment

How much does Taxi Insurance cost?

The cost of Taxi Insurance depends on things like the size of your vehicle and your no claims bonus. The cost can increase due to you driving more miles, and driving in busy areas during unsociable hours. These factors may mean that the chances of you having an accident are higher.  

Our specialist team can compare quotes from a number of taxi insurers and help you find the policy you need.

Do I need Taxi Liability Insurance?

Having Taxi Liability Insurance can protect you if someone is injured while in your care or control – even if it’s outside your vehicle. Although it’s not a legal requirement, you should consider Taxi Liability Insurance against the risks you’re exposed to when escorting customers.

Get the liability cover you need from Swinton.

What’s the difference between Private and Public Hire Taxi Insurance?

Private hire taxis must be booked in advance and can’t be hailed on the street, while public hire taxis can pick people up without being booked. Plus, private hire taxis can’t display a taxi sign, whereas public hire taxis – also known as a black cabs or hackney carriages – can.

Did you know?

Not all insurers will cover both private and public hire taxis, so it’s important that you find the right policy for your needs.


Our team can compare insurance quotes for both private and public taxis. We can help you get the cover you need.

Can I use Taxi Insurance for personal use?

If you want to use your taxi for personal use as well as business purposes, you will be able to do so with a Taxi Insurance policy from Swinton – you’ll be covered for both social and pleasure use, in addition to commercial use.

How much is black cab insurance?

The cost of black cab insurance can depend on various factors, e.g. the type of vehicle you have, and whether you have any driving convictions. It’ll likely cost you more than your Car Insurance, due to the higher risks caused by driving more miles, and the possibility of passengers claiming against you.   

If you own a fleet of black cabs, it can be protected under one Fleet Insurance policy, and there may be discounts available for drivers with previous fleet experience.

Our team can compare quotes for different policies to help you get the cover that you need.

Can you insure Uber drivers?

Yes, Swinton can insure Uber drivers. As with all types of taxi, if you are an Uber driver, the cost of your insurance will be dependent on your cab type, along with the usual factors that can affect the cost of insurance, for example where your car is kept overnight. 

What other types of Taxi Insurance does Swinton offer?

In addition to Public Hire and Private Hire Taxi Insurance, we also compare quotes from different insurers to provide policies for taxi fleets, minibuses/multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) and chauffeurs:

Taxi Fleet Insurance Policies

Whether you’ve got two or 200 vehicles in your taxi fleet, we’re here to help you ensure you get the right insurance to suit your individual requirements.

We compare quotes from a panel of taxi insurers in the UK to help our customers secure the right policies for their needs. Our dedicated Taxi Fleet Insurance managers are on hand to offer the personal service your fleet needs.

Minibus and MPV Insurance

As a minibus/MPV driver, you’ll be all too aware of the responsibility involved in carrying a large number of passengers. Swinton will do the hard work to ensure the right insurance company understands your needs for Minibus and MPV Insurance and appreciates the risks involved.

Chauffeur Insurance

If you are employed to drive a passenger motor vehicle, especially a luxury vehicle such as a large sedan or limousine, we can help you ensure your executive vehicle is sufficiently covered with Chauffeur Insurance.

Did you know? The word Chauffeur refers to a man who is hired to drive a passenger vehicle. A woman who is paid to drive is known as a chauffeuse.

What about extras?

We also offer optional extras, such as Taxi Liability Insurance.