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As a taxi driver, your vehicle is the key to your ability to do your job and earn a living. Getting the right cover is essential, so let Swinton do the hard work. We'll compare cover from a range of specialist policies designed to meet the needs of most types of taxi and driver. Our dedicated taxi team is on hand to help you find the one that suits your needs best.

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Taxi Insurance

At Swinton, we understand that your car is much more than just a vehicle to take you from A to B – it’s your livelihood. We know that if your taxi is out of action, you’re losing out on income.

We also fully appreciate that as a taxi driver, you’re often driving during unsociable hours. While we do offer cover for taxi drivers who only work during daytime hours, we recognise that this isn’t the case for most.

Furthermore, it’s likely that lots of your time will be spent navigating traffic in busy towns and cities and, let’s face it, sometimes with some rather unruly passengers!

Plus, you’re generally racking up many more miles than the average motorist, which, combined with the often challenging working conditions, can unfortunately mean that the chances of you having an accident while driving your taxi may be increased.

Swinton offers various cover options for taxi drivers, including Public Hire and Private Hire Taxi Insurance – but what’s the difference? We explain below:

What’s the difference between public and private hire?

Public Hire Taxi Insurance

A public hire taxi is one that is licensed to pick people up off the street, without it having to be booked in advance.

A taxi sign can be displayed on a public hire taxis, and they are most commonly known as black cabs, or hackney carriages.

Private Hire Taxi Insurance

On the other hand, private hire taxis must be booked in advance, and can’t be hailed by customers on the street, nor can they display a taxi sign. 


Did you know? 

Not all insurers will cover both public and private hire taxis, so it’s important that you find the right policy to suit your needs. 


What other types of Taxi Insurance does Swinton offer?

In addition to Public Hire and Private Hire Taxi Insurance, we also offer options for taxi fleets, minibuses/multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) and chauffeurs:

Taxi Fleet Insurance

Whether you’ve got two or 200 vehicles in your taxi fleet, we’re here to help you ensure you get the right insurance to suit your individual requirements.

Our dedicated Taxi Fleet Insurance managers are on hand to offer the personal service your fleet needs, and will save you both time and effort in ensuring you receive the lowest quote we receive back from a panel of taxi insurers in the UK.

Minibus and MPV Insurance

As a minibus/MPV driver, you’ll be all too aware of the responsibility involved in carrying a large number of passengers. Swinton will do the hard work to ensure the right insurance company understands your needs for Minibus and MPV Insurance and appreciates the risks involved.

Chauffeur Insurance

We know you have an important task in making sure your customers safely get from A to B, so you’ll want to ensure your executive vehicle is sufficiently covered with Chauffeur Insurance.

What about extras?

We also offer optional extras, such as Taxi Liability Insurance