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The UK economy is the fifth largest in the world, with key strengths in financial services, aerospace and pharmaceuticals.

It is diverse and evolving, with a number of imminent challenges and opportunities on the horizon.

Through this report, we’ve taken a closer look at how the business landscape is changing, using government statistics and insight from a range of sources to give an overview of the key issues affecting businesses of different sizes, operating in different industries and regions of the country.

The number of companies in the UK grew by 555,160 (21.6%) from 2,574,225 to 3,129,385, between 2010 and 2017. 

England has led the way as 512,500 businesses have been established, Scotland created 28,455, Wales created 12,865 and Northern Ireland created 1,340.

Unless otherwise annotated all statistics included within the Business Trends Report are sourced from the Business Population Estimates 2016 and Nomis official labour market statistics 2010 and 2017.



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