Motor Trade Insurance

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At Swinton Business, we understand the risks you face whether you own a repair garage, MOT centre or run your motor business from home. That's why we can arrange Motor Trade Insurance suited to the needs of your business through a specially selected and trusted panel of insurers.

Motor Trade Insurance explained

Road Risks insurance – this provides cover for the vehicles you own or those that are in your possession as part of your business. Typically, this is seen as the minimum or standard level of cover generally for smaller motor trade businesses that operate either at a dedicated business premises or from their home on either a full or part time basis.

Depending on your needs our policies can offer comprehensive, third party fire and theft or third party only cover.

Subject to your circumstances and level of cover needed, in addition to the above protection can be given for Business Interruption, Goods in Transit and Loss of Money and although other cover is available, please contact us so we can make sure we help find the right cover for you and your business.


Road Risks

Cover for both full and part-time businesses

Motor Trade Road Risks Insurance offers the level of cover required for trades such as motor repairs, maintenance or sales.

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How Swinton Business can help

Public Liability Insurance: provides protection if a member of the public or a client were to become injured or to suffer from property damage as a result of your business. Cover starts from £1 million and can be extended as required. Although it is not a legal requirement in the UK it is a likely request from customers, trade bodies or industry regulators that you have a policy in place before you carry out work with them or apply for membership. Get a quote online now.

Employers' Liability Insurance: If you employ someone you are required by law to have Employers' Liability Insurance to cover you against potential legal costs or compensation claims should any of your staff have an accident or become ill as a result of the work they do for you and your business.

Professional Indemnity Insurance: Provides cover in the event of your work leading to a client losing money due to an error that you have made. In a situation where you may have made a miscalculation, missed a trademark, infringed copyright etc. it would impact both the reputation and bottom line of a company so a Professional Indemnity policy provides your clients with the confidence in your business that they would be compensated in the event of the improbable.

Commercial Property Insurance: From offices to shops, speak to us today about Commercial Property Insurance to help get cover for your buildings and contents. Depending on your circumstances we can also look to arrange Property Owners Liability insurance which can help should a member of public injure themselves on your property. Accidental damage cover is available and your policy can also be extended for multiple properties.

Business Equipment Insurance: As an addition to your cover you may also require Business Equipment Insurance which Swinton Business can arrange at one of four levels of cover up to £10,000 for equipment, including PCs and laptops used for business, that are away from your office or overnight in a vehicle.

When thinking about whether you need this cover there are a couple of things to consider – The maximum claim per item is £1,500 and while equipment or tools stolen from vehicles by forced entry is covered, this is only if items are not visible and your vehicle security devices are working and activated. The policy is underwritten by Astrenska Insurance Limited.

Fleet Insurance: If you have a commercial van or fleet of company vehicles then we can help arrange cover under one manageable policy. Swinton Business offer Fleet Insurance to protect two or more company vehicles or for Commercial Van Insurance covering vehicles up to 3.5t then contact Swinton Van.

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