Keeping your home clean with a pet

There’s nothing like sharing your space with a furry friend; they make you happy and those long dog walks are great for your health. Cats and dogs can make keeping a clean house tricky though, which is why we’ve compiled some handy tips to keep your home looking and feeling fresh. 

Dog being brushed

Groom your pet

Regular grooms help to keep your home clean whilst also tending to your pet’s needs. It pays to do your research and find a groomer you trust for your dog or long-haired cat. You can do it yourself if you like, but a professional will be able to get more excess hair and pet dander off your four-legged friend than you can. After all, hair on the brush is hair that won’t find its way to your carpets or furniture.

Make sure you brush your cat or dog a few times a week – outside ideally – as this reduces shedding. Many pets love being groomed and, if yours is one of them, it’s a great bonding activity for you and your furry friend. Start brushing puppies and kittens from an early age to get them used to it, doing so helps make grooming an enjoyable experience for both pet and owner. Trimming your pet’s nails will also help to prevent them from damaging your floors and furnishings. 

Keep your pet clean

Regular baths will keep both dogs and cats clean and smelling fresh – you don’t have to use shampoo after every dog walk, just washing them down helps. Baths will also get rid of any bacteria or parasites which can cause illness.

Remember to always clean your pets in the same place – somewhere like a kitchen or utility room with a floor that’s easy to clean. Drying your pet thoroughly after a bath will also help to avoid that damp dog smell. In the meantime, wipe paws regularly and keep dog cages clean. Changing your pet’s bedding and litter tray regularly is great for home cleanliness and your pet’s health as it helps to keep smells and infections at bay. 


Cat having bath

Invest in a good vacuum cleaner

As any cat or dog owner knows, hair gets everywhere. From beds and rugs to couches and curtains, there aren’t many places that pet hair can’t reach. That’s why it pays to invest in a good quality vacuum designed for picking up pet hair. Vacuuming floors, furniture and sleeping spaces regularly keeps hair at bay – it also helps to prevent the effects of poor indoor air quality, including allergies and respiratory problems.

Vacuum frequently

Now you’ve got your vacuum of choice, use it every couple of days to keep on top of dirt and pet hair - especially in those high traffic areas and on soft surfaces. Use the hose attachment frequently to remove both hair and dander from furnishings. You can also use it to clean curtains, blinds, and fans as this helps prevent the circulation of pet dander. Empty the vacuum’s bin immediately to prevent smells from sticking around and perhaps consider a deep carpet clean once a year.

Find a good mop

Not only will mopping up keep your home and floors smelling fresh, it’ll help to preserve your floor too. Mop regularly with an appropriate cleaning solution for your type of floor – vinyl cleaning may differ from tiles, for example. An electrostatic mop is a great option for collecting accumulated pet hair from hard flooring.  


Use the right cleaning products

Common cleaning products can pose a danger to our pets. Harsh chemicals, bleaches and artificial fragrances can be harmful when inhaled by your cat or dog. Consider making the switch to pet-safe cleaning products that won’t harm your furry companion.

Look for products which use non-toxic ingredients such as natural enzymes and oils. Alternatively, you could make your own cleaning products using soap and water, vinegar or baking soda. Certain essential oils are toxic to animals though, so they are best avoided in your homemade cleaning solutions. Pet safe cleaners are ready to use and have safe yet effective ingredients which you can apply around pets.

Steam mops and washable microfibre cloths are great for wiping away dirt, whilst stain and odour removers will be your best friend when it comes to cleaning up messes around the house and avoiding those distinctive pet smells. Just make sure the cleansed area is thoroughly rinsed, dried, and ventilated before letting your pets back into the room.

Change their litter box

Litter boxes are a necessary evil as they’re unavoidably messy and smelly, especially if your cat kicks litter out of the box. It’s a smell that can find its way into every corner of your home, so make sure to scoop out litter boxes every day and replace litter regularly to keep odours under control. Keep the litter box on a wooden or tiled floor in a well-ventilated space as that’ll make it easier to clean up any messes.

Placing a mat underneath will also catch any litter that’s come flying out. The look of a litter box isn’t particularly inviting either, so you might like to consider investing in furniture which disguises litter boxes to avoid creating an eyesore in your living room or kitchen.

Clean up immediately after accidents

Whether the cat’s missed the litter tray or the dog’s weed on the carpet, accidents are inevitable - just make sure to clean up any accidents as soon as possible. Acting fast with a neutralising cleaner helps to prevent any stains or unpleasant odours from setting on floors or furniture. Most pet-friendly cleaners will work on both old and new stains; however, if you have a persistent stain which you’re struggling to deal with, call in a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service to make sure it’s removed.

Keep your floors clean

Keeping your floors clean starts with stocking up on anti-bacterial products and solutions which are suitable for your type of flooring. There are different products to use depending on whether you have carpets or hard floors, and they’ll help to lift pet dander as well as persistent smells. Combine a steamer or a good-quality mop with pet-friendly cleaning products weekly to combat smells and muddy paw prints.

Stylish indoor/outdoor rugs are great for placing in all your pet’s favourite lounging areas. That’s because they’re simple to keep clean and they don’t let anything soak through. Alternatively, you could consider laying carpet tiles as they’re easy to replace if there’s a stain you’ve tried everything to get rid of. After all, replacing a square is so much easier and cheaper than buying a whole new carpet.

Cat on a rug

Use an air purifier

Pet smells aren’t particularly inviting, and you may not even notice them until a guest points them out. Investing in an air purifier could be an effective solution that’ll help remove those lingering pet odours. Not only that, a purifier with a HEPA filter will also lift any allergens or dander from the air – preventing them from settling in your space and keeping it cleaner. Change the filter regularly to keep your purifier working its best.

Buy a good pet bed

Don’t let yourself be drawn to those extra fluffy linings and lush fabrics because, let’s face it, they’ll be a pain to keep clean. Instead, choose a water-resistant bed that won’t absorb odours - it’ll also be quick and easy to wipe down once a week. When possible, let the bed air outdoors to keep it smelling fresh.

Boy and dog in bed

Keep to a cleaning routine

A home with pets needs an established and consistent cleaning routine. Make it easier for yourself by scheduling daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Daily chores include sweeping and vacuuming high traffic areas, wiping surfaces, and cleaning litter boxes. On a weekly basis you’ll want to be mopping floors, washing toys, and sanitising pet bowls. Wash furnishings, leads, collars, and pet bedding each month to keep on top of hair and dirt.

Use a lint roller

There’s no denying it, every pet owner needs a lint roller. Keeping one of these handy makes it much easier to get fur off upholstery and clothing. Just add one to your cleaning caddy and use it regularly on everything from throws and furnishings to clothes.

Wash bedding regularly

Washing your pet’s bedding regularly is vital when it comes to keeping pet odours and dander build ups under control. Put bedding, pillows, and blankets in the washing machine once a week to eliminate bad smells and lingering dirt. Remember to wash your own sheets, pillowcases and blankets every week if your pet sleeps on your bed. High temperature washes and pet-friendly detergents will help to keep bed linen smelling fresh.

Black and white cat on cat tree

Protect furniture

Like us, cats and dogs love to nap on beds and sofas. Cute as it may be, you know they’ll leave their hair and scratch marks wherever they sleep. You can combat this by covering duvets and couches with blankets which you can throw in the wash. Remember to keep that lint roller handy for cleaning pet beds and lounging areas. Steam cleaning your furniture regularly all helps to keep it smelling fresh. Worried about those sharp nails? Treat your cat to a scratching post to keep them well away from your sofa.

Create a dog wash station

Walking and exercising in the great outdoors are all part of a dog’s daily routine, although that does make keeping your house clean that bit harder. You can bet that they’ll bring anything from muddy paws to pests back home with them. Keeping your house clean involves keeping as much dirt out of it as possible – so put a stop to the mess with a cleaning station that’ll help to tackle muddy paws before they have even had chance to touch the carpet.

Assign your pet their own towels and keep them close to the entrance along with a heavy-duty door mat, cloths, a water spray, dog brushes, and hooks for storing dog leads, collars, and harnesses. Keep treats close by to keep your pet on good terms with you during a wipe down. If you have space, you could even consider a dedicated doggy bathtub for a good old scrub. 

Dog with shampoo

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