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Italian company Fiat is a part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the seventh-largest car manufacturer in the world. Although it specialises in city and family cars, Fiat also produces vans, off-road SUVs and sports cars such as the 124 Spider roadster.

Fiat’s most popular models include the 500 city car; the Panda hatchback, first introduced in 1980; and the Punto, a fuel-efficient small family car. The cheapest car in Fiat’s range is the Panda and the most expensive is the convertible Fiat 124 Spider.

Every new Fiat comes with a three-year warranty, while used Fiats bought from an official dealer carry a minimum 12-month warranty. The company offers a wide variety of finance, lease and hire-purchase options.


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Did you know?

Founded back in 1899, Fiat manufactured its first vehicle – the 4 HP – the following year . Although it translates as “Let it be done” in Latin, the name Fiat is actually short for Società Anonima Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili Torino.

  • In 1900 Fiat sold 24 vehicles. In 2015 it sold 656,700 in Europe alone
  • In 1969 Fiat Ferroviaria – a division of Fiat that built locomotives – designed and manufactured the Pendolino, the world’s first tilting train
  • In 1990 Fiat introduced the world’s first mass-produced electric vehicle, the Panda Elettra

Fiat’s next major launch will be a revival of its Tipo model, which first appeared in 1988. The competitively priced Tipo has been redesigned in estate and 5-door hatchback versions.


Most popular Fiat car models

Fiat cars tend to be compact and stylish, with a distinctly Italian flair to their design. Here are four popular of the most popular Fiats:


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  • To view Fiat’s current range visit the company’s official website
  • The website also allows you to configure the perfect Fiat to suit your needs, whether you need a city-ready supermini or a 7-seater MPV
  • You can also get a finance quote, order a brochure, book a test drive or browse Fiat-approved used cars

Alternatively call Fiat’s contact centre telephone number on 00 800 3428 0000.


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