Lock Replacement & Repair Cover

The locks on your windows and doors are there to keep your home secure, so when they need to be changed, whatever the reason, it’s usually a priority.

But what will a typical home insurance policy cover you for when it comes to paying for locks to be replaced or repaired? 




What if I've been burgled?

If your locks were damaged during a break-in, your home insurance policy will normally cover the cost of any repairs or replacements needed to secure your home. And, as long as you have contents insurance, your lost belongings will be replaced. Your insurance will only pay back any costs over and above the excess on your policy.

Unless you specifically asked for a zero excess policy, you are likely to have to pay at least the first £50 of any claim, and maybe more. If you’re only having the locks changed on one door, you’ll need to consider whether a claim is actually worthwhile once this amount is taken away from your pay-out.

Did you know?

In almost three out of every four burglaries (71%), the intruder enters through an unlocked door - so it’s a good idea to remember to lock up and get any faulty locks fixed as soon as you can, especially as not properly securing your home could mean a theft claim may not be covered.




What if I lose my keys?

If you lose your keys or they are stolen, you may be surprised to hear that some home insurance policies will cover you for the cost of having new locks fitted, including both the costs of the hardware and the locksmith’s time to do the job. This won’t be included in every home insurance policy, but it’s worth checking before you fork out the money for the work to be done.

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