Car hire in Spain: Getting the right deal

What are the benefits of hiring a car in Spain?

Whether you want to visit Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia, or drive along the Alt Empordà, car hire can be a great and affordable option for visitors to Spain.

Hiring a car means you can quickly call out to the shops if you’ve forgotten something, and enjoy days out away from where you’re staying far more easily. The benefits are clear, but there are a few things you might be wise to do to make sure you get the right deal and avoid paying more than you need to.

Here are four things to keep in mind:




Book in advance

Car hire is a competitive market, so it’s well worth looking in to your options ahead of arriving in Spain. Although it may seem tempting to leave arranging your transport until you arrive, this can work out far more expensive. So if you want to get a better deal booking in advance is the way to do it.


Check the fuel policy

Some car hire firms in Spain use a full-to-empty fuel policy, where you pay for a full tank upfront and are entitled to bring it back empty. Be sure to check this before making payment, as it may not prove a cost effective option. And while you’re at it check the small print for other terms and conditions, such as a limit on mileage.


Make a note of any damage

Before you drive away it’s likely someone will check over your vehicle and make a note of any existing damage. Don’t be afraid to look yourself and insist they make a record of even small scuffs or scratches.


Take extras with you

When you pick up your hire car you’ll probably find the company offers a range of handy extras, from satnavs to baby seats. But, as convenient as this can be, they can really push up costs. With that in mind, think about what you might need in advance and, if it’s practical, take your own with you.


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